Our Services


Includes the consultancy and operation of bonds, credit insurance and surety insurance consisting of:

  • 1. Attention to requests for assurance arising from contracts, judgments, laws or regulations.
  • 2. Analyze the proposed businesses to observe their viability before the bonding or insurers companies.
  • 3. To implement or update the solvency file before the bond and insurance institutions according to their policies and in the terms established by the Law on Insurance and Bonding Institutions (L.I.S.F) and its regulations.
  • 4. Quotations of businesses, looking for competitive rates of the products that are handled in the market.
  • 5. Processing of the business for issuance of the certificate or bond certificate to the main sureties and insurers of the country in the facilities of our company through high technology service and qualified human resource.
  • 6.Prompt response once integrated the client’s file in terms of L.I.S.F. And its regulations, once observed the viability of the business before the guarantee institutions or insurers.
  • 7. Advice to the client in the implementation of special programs such as:
  • A. Suppliers and contractors
  • B.Establishment of joint management of advances of payments due supply and works contracts
  • C. Fidelity Coverage
  • D. Credit Insurance Coverage
  • E. Guaranteed Cash Flow Bond Coverage
  • 8. Follow-up of claims made by clients who are beneficiaries of surety bonds or credit or bond insurance.
  • 9. Administration of the current portfolio of insurance policies and sureties, following up its debugging, canceling and monitoring the renewals and timely payment of premiums for issuance or any type of endorsement according to the policies of the insurer or bonding institution.
  • 10. Personalized attention to clients in conjunction with companies to analyze their risks and establish the most appropriate coverage or the line of bonding or assurance according to their technical, economic and moral capacity.