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Who We Are

Who We Are
Our Mission
Phylosophy and values
Quality politics
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  • About UsWe are a company authorized by the National Insurance and Bond Commission (C.N.S.F) with more than 30 years by its partners and main executives that allows us to have a broad knowledge of:

    • The Law on Insurance and Bonding Institutions (L.I.S.F) which regulate the operations bond and credit and caution surety.
    • The branches and its products authorized by the C.N.S.F.
    • The different contracts to be guaranteed through the bond or the credit and caution surety.
    • Scope of each operation (coverage, obligations, texts and tariffs).
    • Risk analysis for beneficiaries and insured.
    • Lines of bonding and insurance caution products.
    • Behavior of the market regarding the underwriting policies of bonding or insurers institutions.


    To serve clients, applicants and beneficiaries.

  • Our Mission

    To provide consultancy services, brokerage and management of all kinds of bonds, meeting all of the needs of our customers through qualified personnel and technology, acting with ethics, commitment, responsibility and trust at all of the times for successful economic outcomes to its equity partners..

  • Phylosophy and values

    Garanza is a company with mission, vision and values. Its fundamental axis is constituted by the permanent search of the satisfaction of the needs of its clients in terms of guarantees of support, acting with ethics, commitment, responsibility and trust, values that govern the conduct of each one of its partners, associates and collaborators . We know that our social mission commits us to an integral and totally service-oriented behavior.

    Experience of more than 30 years in the market of guarantees brokering bonds and recently, credit insurance and surety by its partners and chief executives.

    Professionalism and ethics in the service of consulting, operation and processing of guarantees of support in all branches.

    The quality of our services and processes are validated through IS0 9001: 2015 certification.

    Structure of service for immediate attention with qualified personnel and committed in the service.

    Important relations with the main companies of securing and insuring sector to implement viable operations.

    Long-term vision with our customers, associated producers, bondholders and credit or bond insurers.

  • Our Quality Policy

    Guarantee the quality of the service to the public user, consolidators and shareholder partners, generating trust on the attention, intermediation and administration of the operation of bonds in terms of law.

    Complaints and suggestions

    [email protected]

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