Who We Are

About UsWe are a company authorized by the National Insurance and Bond Commission (C.N.S.F) with more than 30 years by its partners and main executives that allows us to have a broad knowledge of:

  • The Law on Insurance and Bonding Institutions (L.I.S.F) which regulate the operations bond and credit and caution surety.
  • The branches and its products authorized by the C.N.S.F.
  • The different contracts to be guaranteed through the bond or the credit and caution surety.
  • Scope of each operation (coverage, obligations, texts and tariffs).
  • Risk analysis for beneficiaries and insured.
  • Lines of bonding and insurance caution products.
  • Behavior of the market regarding the underwriting policies of bonding or insurers institutions.


To serve clients, applicants and beneficiaries.